What the Vlog?!

Written by: Khadija Craine Want to connect with your customers? Want to show them behind the scene footage of how you create? Want to create information for them to repeatedly reference. Vlogging is your answer! Whether it’s the use of social tv, live streaming from Instagram or Facebook, or simply uploading a video to YouTube,Continue reading “What the Vlog?!”

Fiona Crystal’s Reflections From DDPR’s First Year in Business

In 2017, I chose to DO. I chose to say YES. I assessed my setbacks with a fine tooth comb and moved on. Used them all as a learning lesson to pivot in a different direction. My setbacks were very few and far between. However, one in particular was deeply felt; to my core inContinue reading “Fiona Crystal’s Reflections From DDPR’s First Year in Business”