Fiona Crystal’s Reflections From DDPR’s First Year in Business

In 2017, I chose to DO. I chose to say YES.

I assessed my setbacks with a fine tooth comb and moved on. Used them all as a learning lesson to pivot in a different direction. My setbacks were very few and far between. However, one in particular was deeply felt; to my core in fact. God and the love of my family and friends lifted me when I couldn’t quite lift myself. By the grace of God, I chose to look FORWARD and not back.

Now my WINS… they greatly outweighed my setbacks. My WINS were amazing!!!! My business @digitaldashpr took shape, evolved and manifested into something I’d hoped for. I managed four clients and garnered successes for each one. I attended various events that were mind blowing. I set foot on lands that were magical and utterly breath taking. Entered rooms I never saw myself in. I forged connections with brands, journalists, creatives and entertainers. I pruned relationships that bore no fruit and in turn new ones budded. I learned, adapted and excelled.

I wrote down my vision and I made it plain. I prayed on it and let Him guide me. I made sacrifices and tackled my plan with relentless vigor.

As January comes to an end, my 2018 is off to an amazing start! I have clear goals and laser focus.

In 2017, I learned the true meaning of resiliency. As 2018 continues, I hope to embody a graciously tenacious spirit to soar.



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