What the Vlog?!

Written by: Khadija Craine

Want to connect with your customers? Want to show them behind the scene footage of how you create? Want to create information for them to repeatedly reference. Vlogging is your answer! Whether it’s the use of social tv, live streaming from Instagram or Facebook, or simply uploading a video to YouTube, there are plenty of advantages to creating video content.

Youtube, is the most popular home of vlogs. There are 180 million US people that watch YouTube, and on the average, 1 billion hours of YouTube content is consumed daily.

Vlogging allows businesses to express themselves in different ways and to provide behind the scenes content for followers. This behind the scenes content share allows customers and followers to feel more connected to a brand. Beauty brand and influencers use vlogging as a beneficial method to share product reveals, application tutorials and/or product reviews. Jackie Aina‘s YouTube channel is a perfect example of using vlogging to “change the standard of beauty, one video at a time”

Chanel is another example of using vlogs to further connect with consumers and provide exclusive content and insights into their brand. Since 2005, the Chanel youtube channel has accumulated over three million views, and one million subscribers. On average, the Chanel brand receives about 2k views per video. With videos ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, they have managed to take advantage of a prized marketing tool and media storage chest. Most of the Chanel videos are makeup tutorials of new products, new collections releases, and fashion show footage. It also often features celebrity cameos and the main designer, Karl Lagerfeld, who directed a few movies for the brand, including the 2014 Metiers d’ art collection campaign featuring Pharrell Williams.

Essence does a great job of using their Youtube channel as a supplemental media outlet. Nearly everything that Essence puts in their magazine or on their website, is supplemented with content provided on their Youtube channel. Essence’s vlog content ranges from ‘How to Videos’ of hairstyles and makeup, fashion do’s and don’ts, cover shoot behind the scenes clips, and celebrity interview sneak peaks. With more than a 100 videos, 93k subscribers, and over 24 million views there’s a vast array of content that connects with their target audience.

Brainstorming Ideas for Vlog Content

Creating vlog content can be as easy as creating a weekly or monthly series where a brand interacts with its fans and followers by asking and answering consumer questions, sharing ‘How to Videos’; because who doesn’t want to figure out new ways to do things or sharing unique video content like a digital series or music. Running giveaways via a vlog is another way to engage with current and new consumers. According to Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments are related to a contest or giveaway. Those likes or comments can easily converted to views if the winner of the giveaway is announced during a vlog.

Another great way to brainstorm vlog content is to find new ways to repurpose information that has been featured elsewhere. On social media, small video snippets are often shared. To convert social media likes and comments on video snippets to website views, share catchy high qualify highlights from longer videos that are stored on a website or YouTube page. Add the link to the longer video in your bio and inform fans to click the link to see the full video.

There are many vloggers that produce content only to attract a high number of subscribers. Ensue the vlog for your brand has an established voice, and deliver valuable content. Make sure to plan and have an understanding of what you’re producing. That clear understanding goes a long way and your fans will notice.

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