How to Use Instagram’s New Slideshow Feature to a Business’ Benefit

What is an Instagram Slideshow and How Can It Benefit a Business?

On February 22, 2017, Instagram launched a new slideshow feature that allows account users to post up to ten photos and videos in a single slideshow option at once. Users will no longer have to chose which picture or video is the best from their experience.

Similar to Snapchat’s storytelling feature, users can slide through each of the pieces of content.


This feature is great for personal account users but even better if you have a business.

The storytelling feature offers a platform to walk a prospective customer through a creative process with both pictures and videos.

Your audience wants to see more content from your business and more specifically, wants to see more video content. People prefer to watch video content, in fact, 4x as many people would rather watch a video about a company than read an article the business or product.


Here are 3 Ways to Use the Instagram Story Successfully:

1. Tell a Story

Tell a story by breaking it into up to 10 parts. Most times there are two or three pictures that are post worthy and paint a picture of the adventure or process, now there is no need to choose. Highlight amazing moments from a successful event or awesome experience. Use all your best pictures and/ or videos and paint a vivid picture.

2. Explain a Process

Use the slideshow to breakdown the process of how to do something. Show the key steps of a recipe to one of your most popular dishes or the creative process you use to write a song or even how you’d advise viewers to replicate a glam makeup look.

3.  Highlight a Product

Share the best features of a product in a snapshot. Now there’s an option to brag about a product without being braggadocios or spammy. Exhibit and sale all the product has to offer in a more visually appealing way.

Using photos and videos will offer a way to showcase an experience, tell a story, market a product or connect with an audience that wants to recreate a recipe or a process just like your business offers.

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