Three Words – Quality Content Matters

Are you putting out the very best content for your business?

There’s that old saying that less is more and that is really a golden rule to abide by when considering what content to post on your blog or social media profiles. There used to be a strategy that the more you post the better because if you’re flooding people’s timelines with content they’re bound to take interest in your business and become your newest lead… right? Makes perfect sense … or does it?

In reality, this strategy doesn’t make sense and never really did. Content overload isn’t smart for your business for a number or reasons:

1. Content Overload Comes Across as a Spam Like Tactic

If you’re posting 15 times a day for the sake of posting and wanting to ensure people see your content what really happens is you will rapidly lose followers and friends. Things will seem great because gee you’re putting out tons and tons of content, and therefore, your followers and friend’s timelines will be filled with your business related messages. Sounds great, until suddenly you realize you’re consistently losing friends and followers. Or that your business content is actually being marked as spam.

What ends up really happening is that the masses aren’t even seeing your posts because they have unfollowed your profiles or marked your emails as spam/ junk. Essentially you’re then wasting your time because in actuality you’re sending emails and projecting out information into the ether with no real audience to view the content.

2. Quality Content is Unlikely With Content Overload  

Chances are if you’re participating in content overload, your business is spewing out less and less quality content. If you’re a solo-preneur; a one man show, you know it takes time to put together creative and worthwhile content. If you find that you’re a solo-preneur and you’re managing to put out 15 posts a day, you really should ask yourself if the content you’re posting is 1. engaging, 2. informative and 3. high quality. If you’re answering “yes”, then ask yourself again and really consider the value and quality of your content. When in doubt simply ask yourself “how does this post add value to my business”

3. Content Overload Lacks Focus on Target Audience

Your target audience probably doesn’t appreciate or truthfully care to see your business pop up on their timeline or their feed 15 times a day. Again, if you’re ever in doubt, ask yourself “how does this post add value to my ideal customer’s life”. If you’re able to ask yourself the question and the answer is “no” then spare yourself the time of posting and sharing and just say “no!”. If you’re posting about politics or cats and your target audience is most likely thought to dislike cats and has zero interest in politics, then who are you even trying to reach at that point. Who is really interested in reading your posts and then wanting to visit your business landing page? Chances are no one. If the content on your social media platforms does not engage your target audience you will not see an increase in website traffic, which partly defeats the point of posting on social media. 

You’re probably wondering how posting less really benefits your business. Well the answer is simple. When taking the time to post more thoughtful and quality content your audience will engage more and algorithms on social media sites will then show your content to your target audience who will then continue to engage and boost your post reach. You’ve then entered a winner’s circle of engagement. #Congrats



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