Social Media … How Important Is It Really???

Social Media in the year 2017 … you are probably asking yourself why you need to use sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; The Big Three or how you should use them correctly.

If either of these questions have crossed your mind, fear not, you’re not alone.

So Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; The Big Three, are all equally important in propelling your brand virally.

Everyone in 2017 is on one of these sites. Over the past decade we’ve all seen that social media has played critical parts in propelling a business’ or an individual’s brand.

It is a primary way to drive traffic and attention to your brand or to your website. When someone mentions the latest brand or wants to sell something the follow-up questions usually are “What is your twitter handle”, “What is your FB fan page name” or “I would love to follow you on Instagram”. As of 2015, nearly 1.5 billion visitors were logging into Facebook at least once a month (Statista, 2016). Additionally 1 in 7 people use FB to connect with family, friends and companies (Facebook).

Social media can create new leads for your business which in turn can lead to new sales. About 1 in 10 online purchases stemmed from a visitor coming from a social media platform globally. People hear about brands and then go and find them on social media platforms to get a better sense of the brand, company culture and customer reviews. Do you really want to exclude your business from that statistic? It’s the widest net you can cast for free promotion. At the low cost of #FREE, you have to then ask yourself why you aren’t leveraging social media platforms or The Big Three to your benefit.

If you’re not properly marketing yourself on The Big Three you are only hindering the growth of your company by missing out on the potential leads.

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